iOS 10, Home Button behaviour

People don't like change, so this week when everyone updates to iOS 10 there is going to be a a lot of head scratching and complaining from friends and family who won't like the tweaks made to iOS. For most changes there is nothing you can do save for sticking with iOS9. Some changed can be returned back to their old ways. 

Apple have changed the way in which the Home Button acts when unlocking due to the lock screen changes in iOS 10. You now can't  rest your finger on the Home Button and expect it to unlock. You are required to press the Home Button in order for iOS to register that you want to unlock the device. 

So, if you update your iPhone and hate the tweaks made, just folllow the directions in the below screenshot.  Note that this will not help those of you who still prefer to use the swipe to unlock over the Touch ID sensor. 


Using Excel in Split Screen

Update: Excel 2013 and subsequent versions allows for split screen without using the below method. This is applicable to Office 2010.

Update 2: To use Excel 2003 in Split Screen; after you have the first file open by whatever method, hold Shift down and click on the Excel Icon on the Taskbar to open the second copy. Then use File -> Open to open the second file.

Want to use Excel like this;

Instead of like this;

Simply open a new Excel window from the Start menu, then open the required sheet from within the window (File -> Open). Just repeat for the desired number of windows you want open. 

If you use Excel as much as I do on a daily basis, this is a big time saver.