It's a numbers game

"One week it got to me. I was disheartened because after many attempts my posts weren’t getting any likes or reaction. Then three times in a day people in real life told me they read something I wrote and enjoyed it. That meant the world to me. That someone took the time to read my writing, and had a positive experience."
Chris O'Sullivan on Medium

I often wonder this myself. I'm not particularly good at writing and I don't have an audience. So why bother? I enjoy talking about the sort of topics I post here.

I view anything I write here as my side of a conversation. I say my bit and hopefully what I have to say strikes a chord with someone who reads it. This in turn prompts a real conversation. Idealistic? Yes. I try not get caught up in the numbers but there is no denying that I get a kick out of seeing the traffic to this site increase. It's just human nature.

So, regardless of what the statistics say, I'm going to keep posting here, for my own enjoyment, if not for anyone else's.