Learning Swift

I am teaching myself Swift.

I'm not entirely sure why this year, of all years, I have decided to bite the bullet.  To be clear, I do not have prior programming knowledge. Previous to this my only exposure to writing code was my attempts at learning; HTML, CSS and MATLAB briefly back in University.

Earlier this year, I decided that talking about it wasn't good enough any more. I did some research and found a few courses freely available online to get me started (a list of the resources I will be using are below). To be clear, I don't even own a Mac... yet. I am trying to prove to myself that I am dedicated to giving it a good go prior to making the financial investment required to build apps for iOS. 

I'm sure I will have plenty to say on the matter the further I get into the process. For now I am just focused on getting through some of the basics and seeing how my interest stands up to the task. 

There are many more resources available, too many to list here in fact. With this in mind I have found Learn Swift to be a great resource.

For a change of pace, I have found certain podcasts, such as Under the Radar an interesting resource.